Art as Performance – Sarah Serah


Recently we had a group peer assessment which involved listening to our peers as they explained their work and their practice. We then evaluated this with suggestions for future development. I hadn’t seen much of Sarah’s work until this point, and even though her work initially seems a polar opposite to mine, there are some similarities worth mentioning.

Sarah talks of her work as being in a ‘constant state of flux’; it is always developing and changing. I would use the same phrase to describe my process, even if the outcomes are entirely different. Working as a visual researcher I draw from each painting, extracting successes and failures and applying them to the new, blank surface. This results in a series of work with obvious evolution and growth where evolution of form occurs through familiarity of subject; similar to Sarah.

Sarah also includes an element of performance in her work, where the act of making becomes an important part of the final product (although, can the result ever be ‘final’?). Imagine a canvas with obvious brush marks and thick paint, (or actually, A4 paper with thick paint that has been applied with a palette knife), this is her equivalent. She creates contemporary and playful art through a combination of sculpture and performance.

At some point I think Sarah is planning on filming one of the performances to better translate the experience and atmosphere of her work, but until then, visit her blog and look through her images to get a taste of what she’s about.

[Click ‘images’ above]


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