Is it Time to Kill Your TV?

Click here to read my exhibition review, published on Native Monster. 


3 Comments on Is it Time to Kill Your TV?

  1. Hello Becca

    Read you review and “liked it” but (I think) don’t have twitter so kept the liking to myself (and you now)

    Wanted to throw in the Christian thing of “I have come that you might have life and life in all its fullness” #Jesus – (who has loads of “followers”) when fullness of life isn’t so much about filling life with stuff but leaving room for the other

    Love dad x


  2. Richard Noyce // January 17, 2014 at 12:45 pm // Reply

    Dear Becca,

    I am pleased to receive your e-mails about your writings, and it is good to see that you are making your own way!

    In regard to the piece below, which I have enjoyed, this rather bare link might interest you:

    As I understand it this unique Museum exhibits only one painting at a time, presented in a specific way, alluded to in the link. Essentially, the ‘audience’ arrives at a stated time, and settles in from of a curtained stage. The first thing is a presentation about the work they are to see, following which the work is revealed and they have 20 minutes or so to sit and study it. Then the curtain closes again, and they leave, to be replaced by another ‘audience’.

    If you compare this with the museum/gallery experience as observable in most places, the comparison is striking: a research study some time ago (at, I believe, the National Gallery in London) revealed that the average time spent by a visitor in front of a painting was 7 seconds! If you consider how many works the average museum or gallery visitor actually looks at during a visit, I think the figure is about right.

    Good luck with your work, and have a wonderful 2014!


    Richard Noyce

    • Richard,

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, I was actually about to email you (and still will, after replying to this!). It’s a valid point… and it’s not hard to believe. I think performance and perhaps film are more able to capture/demand audience attention for longer periods of time, but it is still a hard thing to achieve.

      I’ll take a look at the link, thanks for sharing it.

      Same to you, I hope you enjoy a great year – do comment again if you wish!


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