Living and Sustaining a Creative Life: Essays by 40 working artists

I first mentioned this book in a post a while ago which can be read here. 

The book that saved me….


In the midst of miserable unemployment and self-doubt, I desperately wanted to feed my creative desires but was constrained by the repetitive and suffocating reminder that I need to be able to sustain a healthy life.

How do I do that?!

“You can’t. It’s impossible.”


– that annoying voice.
THEN I read this book – hurrah! – and have found (am finding?) ways to make my goals achievable.

In brief, it’s inspirational, honest (sometimes brutally) and powerfully motivational; an undeniable must-have for any one considering the path of inconsistent pay, long hours and no guarantee of ever receiving professional recognition (life’s a dream, eh?)…

Don’t get too excited – it’s not motivational because it says you can do it (it actually says the opposite) – but, if at your core you know that living a creative life is your path and you won’t be happy doing ANYTHING else, it highlights this as a truth. What you already know within yourself is reinforced and your self-esteem is rebuilt with cement, not watered down PVA (art attack anyone?).

Your isolation is removed and you believe you can do it, because in this book you are taught of your existence in the real world; part of a minority but not alone.





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