Tony Bevan by Jon Bird, Kosme de Baranano, Klaus Ottmann and Jonathan Sinclair-Wilson, 2006

I was first introduced to Tony Bevan in my second year of University. His arresting and relentless examinations of the head are explored well in this book – the first major monograph on his work. In brief, it covers both his paintings and his works on paper, and includes essays, interviews and analytical commentary that allow deeper insight into his work.

Essays by Klaus Ottmann and Kosme de Baranano consider his depiction of heads and faces, while Marco Livingstone’s interview examines Bevan’s working methods, and Jonathan Sinclair-Wilson’s essay places the work in a wider cultural context. The book also features a detailed, illustrated chronology, lists of exhibitions and public collections, and a select bibliography.

Click here to read my essay on Tony Bevan’s heads.

The book is available to buy here, or alternatively you can probably find it at your local library (it’s where I found my copy):


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