A pool of Red

Sticky and dank

Clinging to my limbs


I feel the burden of it as I heave my weight from the floor


My veins beat fiercely

A purple-blue merging with my flesh

Slowly engulfing my skin

Into my pores

Into my blood


My heart pumping with ferocious speed

Hissing whispers deafening my ears

Shards of light splintering my eyes


I look down at a carcass saturated with purple sludge


Bones crush beneath a smelly Black that weeps

and oozes


and mucilaginous yellow greases my limbs

Like objects that are separate from my body


My head swarms with a writhing, piercing, screech

Cracking and gnarling my frame


It plunges to the ground


A gross lump of distorted matter

Like colours mixed without care

resembling a toneless brown.


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