Outrider: works in progress

I am currently taking part in Outrider – a partnership between Herefordshire Council’s Libraries service and local artist based organisation Salt Road. The visual art project will draw inspiration from Alfred Watkins’ bee keeping collection at Hereford Library.

I have been commissioned to create several writings, and have chosen to explore the books as a collection of tactile and visceral objects, as well as the relationship between reader and book.

Works in progress below.

For more information about Outrider visit the blog by clicking here.

The attached bee related photograph is from the collection held by Hereford Library.  It was taken in approximately the 1890s.



Stretched fingers hover, then land,
discover traces of the making,
sweep from cover to cover

binding that frays, loosening at its edge
a faint and smudged thumbprint

(someone has been here)

a thin crease – the top right hand corner

Understanding is rooted in fragmented notes, scribbled in pencil, erased, scribbled again.

In an instantaneous, pixilated society where fingers meet touch screens and eyes squint into luminous spaces, books become objects, authentic and grounding.

In these books lies the opportunity for innate and physical realness.




You let your hands tickle me

You feel my touch on your flesh

You hear the sound we make




My words in your throat

knowledge in your mouth

on your tongue


My being in your mind

brought to life in noise


(speak wom-man speak)


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