What do artists do all day?

BBC Four recently showed an interesting documentary series called ‘What do artists do all day?’ 

Each episode follows the lives of different artists who choose to work with very different materials and who’s approaches to the working day are extremely varied.

Artists include Cornelia Parker, Shani Rhys James, Antony Gormley and Norman Ackroyd, as well as my favourite – due to his humour, dedication and extremely humble attitude – John Byrne.

Every episode contains a brief snippet of something magical – enough to inspire creativity and a bit of ‘get-up-and-go’.

“I never had a grand plan, I just got on with it.” – Norman Ackroyd

“I think it’s quite good when … you forget about the art part and just make the work.” – Cornelia Parker

“When [the painting has] left the studio it’s not mine any more, and that can sometimes be quite hard.” – Shani Rhy James

“I never wanted anything to do with the art market. You just have to go with your gut.” – Jack Vettriano

“I’m very industrious. I work 13 or 14 hour days.”

“I knew I wanted to go to art school but when I got there I hated it – I felt like an outsider.”

“Being an artist is the reason I was put on this earth” – John Byrne

A full episode list can be found here and each episode is available to watch online via YouTube.



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